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Volunteering (2018)

Volunteer hours are an important part of making the association successful and for keeping costs low (especially compared to the cost of many other major sports youth programs). A small amount of volunteer time is expected from all families during the season.

Starting with the 2018 regular season, we are making changes to our EP Fastpitch Parent Volunteer Program. Volunteer shifts will be tracked and managed using SignUpGenius.com. At the start of the season, families will be contacted and invited to use SignUpGenius to choose one 3-hour volunteer shift. After a reasonable period of time for everyone to sign up for their initial shift, families will be notified that the remaining volunteer shifts are available for sign-ups to fulfill your family's season's volunteer requirement.

Volunteer Requirements

The total amount of volunteer time commitments is changing, and so are the lengths of each commitment! 

8U "first year" 3 hours One 3-hr commitment
8U non first-year 6 hours Two 3-hr commtments
10U, 12U 9 hours Three 3-hr commitments
14U 6 hours Two 3-hr commitments
16U 3 hours One 3-hr commitment

8U "first year" refers to 8U families with daughters playing softball for the first time.

The Eden Prairie Fastpitch Association Board is currently devising a plan to provide a reduction on volunteer commitment to families with multiple daughters playing simultaneously (regardless of age division). More information will be posted when such a decision is made. 

Volunteer Opportunities

The most common opportunities performed by families to complete their volunteer assignments are at Miller Park doing:

  • Concession Sales
    • indoor and outdoor concessions
    • weekday, or weekend (tournament) assignments
  • Field Maintenance
    • grooming, raking and/or chalking fields between tournament games

Tournament assignments are likely spread over different days of the same tournament, and may possibly include shifts in another tournament on another date.


Volunteering Process and "Opt-Out"

To ensure families perform their volunteer assignment, families will write a $300 check (payable to the EP Fastpitch Association) at the time their daughters pick up their uniforms. These are held throughout the season. In the event that the volunteer assignment is not fulfilled, the checks are cashed. 

At the time of registration, families have an opportunity to "Opt Out" of their season's volunteer commitment by providing a payment of $200.