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2018 Season Information

Team Consent and Waiver Form

Good things to know and rules:

  1. ​The dome is heated but only to 59 degrees. Please have players dress accordingly.
  2. No cleats - doesn't matter if they are metal or plastic ,no cleats. Turf shoes are fine and normal athletic shoes work great.
  3. Make sure that players remain behind the protective screens during game times.
  4. No Sunflower seeds. Please have players clean up their "dugout" when games are finished.
  5. No hitting into the dome. Please use the center net, lacrosse nets, or your own provided bow nets.
  6. South field is the first field as you walk in, north is the far field.
Season Schedule
    7:00 - 8:00 8:00 - 9:05 9:15 - 10:30 10:30-11:30 11:30 - 12:35 12:45 - 2:00
7-Jan North Warm up EP vs. Mound EP vs Chaska Warm up New Ulm vs. Shako Red New Ulm vs. NYA
  South Chaska vs Armstrong Armstrong vs. Mound NYA vs. Shako Black Shako Red vs. Shakopee Black
14-Jan North Warm up EP vs. Armstrong EP vs Shako Red Warm up Shako Black vs. Mound Shako Black vs. New Ulm
  South Shako Red vs. NYA NYA vs. Armstrong New Ulm vs. Chaska Chaska vs. Mound
21-Jan North Warm up Shako Black vs EP Chaska vs. Shako Black Warm up New Ulm vs. Mound New Ulm vs. Armstrong
  South NYA vs Chaska EP vs NYA Shako Red vs Armstrong Shako Red vs Mound
28-Jan North Warm up Shako Red vs Mound NYA vs Shako Red Warm up New Ulm vs EP EP vs. Armstrong
  South Shako Black vs NYA Shako Black vs. Mound Chaska vs Armstrong New Ulm vs Chaska
4-Feb North Warm up EP vs Shako Black Shako Black vs Armstrong Warm up Shako Red vs Chaska Chaska vs NYA
  South Mound vs Armstrong Mound vs EP New Ulm vs. NYA Shako Red vs New Ulm
11-Feb North Warm up Chaska vs Shako Black Shako Black vs Shako Red Warm up Mound vs NYA Mound vs. New Ulm
  South EP vs. Shako Red EP vs. Chaska Armstrong vs. New Ulm NYA vs. Armstrong


EP Fastpitch Dome Ball


Dome Ball Coordinator:   Scott Welter    Email: welter.scott@gmail.com

League Information:

  • Eden Prairie Fastpitch Association sponser winter dome ball season. ​

  • All Games are played at the Eden Prairie High School Dome.

  • League consists of eight teams and is limited to high school aged players.

  • Season starts the first full weekend in January and will run for 6 weekends.


Eden Prairie Softball Players:

  • Must attend EP high school or reside in EP

  • Watch for e-mail from the EP Fastpitch Association to register on-line – cost and dates available upon registration

  • Contact the Dome Ball coordinator if you were not emailed a registration announcement or would like further information.


Information for Interested Teams

  • Priority given to teams that played in the prior season.

  • Six weekends starting the first full weekend in January

  • Play dates are double-headers from 8:00a.m. to 2:00p.m.

  • Teams will play two games a weekend and have one hour of open dome time to warm up.

  • High School certified Umpires will be used.

  • Rosters are open to all high school aged players.

  • Total cost- $2,200, we provide umpires and game balls.

  • Email Dome Ball coordinator for current availability and all requests will be honored on a first-come, first-serve basis